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Be Reasonable

When clients walk through my door I ask them a couple questions mostly just to check in and see what we should focus on, how hard we can work, what they’ve done since our last session, how are they feeling physically and emotionally, etc.
If you were supposed to get some movement in and you have no good excuse why you didn’t you will be able to tell by my face that I am not pleased. I am very reasonable *as a disclaimer I think anything exercise-related is fun so to most people I am not reasonable but that’s why you pay me* I believe in making small habit-based changes. I am the one pumping the brakes on the client who wants to jump in and go balls out from sedentary to five days a week. I always tell my clients to start with a goal they know they can reach, like working with me one day a week and walking one day.. When that one day of walking is a habit you add another and so on. REASONABLE, right? I have mentioned this in previous post I am a broken record. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients try and go off the rails with goals they know they won’t be able to meet – they might not know why they are doing it but I do.
We humans are really really good at sabotaging our success. If you set the bar too high you can give up before ever really trying. Since you are “supposed” to work out five times a week and you’ve already missed two days you might as well take the whole damn week off. See how easy that was, you didn’t even have to get off your couch, and it’s not really your fault because who has time to workout five days a week and while you’re feel super crappy about your failure/victimhood why don’t you just eat crap and watch a movie…I will say this one more time (probably hundreds more in all honesty) set goals you know you can commit to, you will be much happier moving your body and feeling proud of your accomplishments. So lets set some goals – As my wife likes to say “Meow is the Time” did I mention my wife makes raw cat food for a living? Our life is very glamorous.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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