Bloody Hell, Treadmill

Lets talk a little bit about the treadmill. I personally love the treadmill. I know that it’s not the gold standard when it comes to running, not even close. You will never get as much out of a run on a treadmill as you will outside. But, what if you only have time to get your beloved run in at 5am when it’s dark and scary out and you choose to stay in your safe warm snuggly bed two out of three days that you should be running? That puts you at running a measly ONE DAY per week on average. As a trainer I will tell you honestly, I would rather hear that a client in running three out of three days on a treadmill consistently, because, as we all know, consistency IS the gold standard when it comes to fitness, than a measly one day of running outside.
What, you might ask, is the key to running on a treadmill and getting the most out of it as possible? I will tell you what works for me and has worked for many of my clients. Play games. Yep, games. Time will absolutely fly by and you will have more fun than slogging away at the endless minutes of torture.

Here is my latest favorite – Five’s:
Run at a pace that you can sustain for 5 minutes *we will use 6.0 speed / 1% incline*
After 5 minutes whatever your pace is you will now match that in the incline *6.0 speed / 6% incline* and stay here for five minutes
You will end with backward runs and side skips
Here’s what it looks like:
5 minutes 6.0 / 1%
5 minutes 6.0 / 6%
5 minutes 6.5 / 1%
5 minutes 6.0 / 6%
5 minutes 7.0 / 1%
5 minutes 3.0 backward run, left side skip, backward run, right side skip, backward run…repeat


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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