Boobs and Muscles

When I was a little kid my brother Travis and I, he’s two years older than me, were best buds. He skated, I skated. He rode a unicycle, I rode a unicycle. He peed standing up rolling down the street on his skateboard, I peed all over my pants and feet. You get the point, anything Travis did, I wanted to do.
When he hit eleven or twelve he started to get little muscles, I got boobs, and boy was I PISSED. And that’s when I started to feel like my body was betraying me. I wanted muscles like my brother, boobs were useless…until they weren’t but that’s not for this blog. Anyway, I spent a lot of my pre-teen, teen, and twenties trying to control the damage by not eating very much. Well, that was not a good thing at all. Even after forty years of life in this body I still struggle every day and what I’ve come to understand is that I have trust issues, not with friends, not with strangers, not even with people who’ve proven they shouldn’t be trusted, but it is a constant every day struggle to trust my body.
If you believe in God, Evolution, God & Evolution, Unicorns, or nothing at all it doesn’t matter because your body is still going to function at an amazingly high rate. This body that God, Evolution & Unicorns created knows what it needs, what I need. If I am hungry I will eat. If I want cake I will have some. If I am tired I will rest. If I have more in the tank and I can push harder I will. I will be kind and forgiving when I’m having a hard day instead of berating myself. I will look at my naked Unicorn body in the mirror every day and simply say “Thank You”. I am one of a kind. I am magnificent. Another cool thing is that I get to have boobs and muscles now, how freaking righteous is that? Hell yes and thank you.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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