Burnt Out In Space

Well, I just noticed that my last post was over a year ago! I’m still alive and kicking (butts). Here’s the honest truth, I GOT BURNT OUT. Yeah, even when you love fitness and nutrition this shit gets old. What’s the best fitness program. What’s the best nutrition program. How many chocolate chips make a perfect cookie. The questions are ENDLESS and the answer is usually the same “I don’t know but lets try this…” I do not know everything, I never will. Ten years ago I thought I did, totally. Nope. Not even close. Just this year we found out the human body has an organ (or something like an organ, still debating) that we never knew existed. IT’S 2018 and we just found this thing. A couple years ago they found a new ligament in the knee. WHAT? The thousands upon thousands of knee surgeries you would think someone would have noticed it.
Over the years one things remains the same, you gotta do the work, put in the effort, try shit out. Consistency is still GOLD and always will be. Move your ass, drink some water, eat some plants, get your sleep on, think good thoughts about yourself and if you can’t do that deal with your shit so you can. And for the love of kittens if someone tells you to do a mile of Burpees turn around and walk away, get a cup of coffee and be proud you are smarter than that person.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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