Even Oprah Can’t Do It, Or Can She?

Oprah has more money than God (she might actually be God but that is sill undecided), she has trainers, assistants, cooks, maids, drivers, pilots, assistant assistants, personal shoppers, personal stylists, personal massage therapist, nutritionists to tell the cooks what to cook, a personal tooth brusher (not confirmed) the list could go on forever. My point is this, most of us have watched Oprah struggle with her weight year in year out, yet most of us think that if only we had someone telling us exactly what to do and all the money in the world we would lose the weight for sure, right? Obviously wrong. Oprah is well taken care of, she is incredibly smart yet she can’t get the weight off and keep it off, why? I don’t know for sure but I will tell you what I encounter nine times out of ten with clients. Emotions are a bit** and most humans would rather not deal with them so we eat too much or don’t eat at all. You can stuff the hell out of any old feeling or try starving it to death but the fact remains, until you deal with what’s eating you food will always win, food will continue to kick your a** and have all the power. In a crisis or a moment when you feel angry, sad or out of control try checking into your body, stay present with your feelings, face them head on and instead of reaching for food to take the edge off cry, scream, grunt, howl, laugh if you need to don’t worry about who’s around or if you look crazy (I’m sure you will and it’s OK). Food is a pleasurable necessity, nonetheless, its main function is to fuel our bodies. So suck it up, stop making excuses and deal with your sh*t because nobody is going to do it for you and life is way too short to spend it unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled. Sounds harsh I know but sometimes tough love is the only way to get your point across – I learned this one from my Mom (thanks mom!).


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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