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Exercise and DNA

Here’s the thing, your DNA is very important for your success when it comes to nutrition and exercise. See that pic above, that’s me. I am 34.9% POWER and 65.1% Endurance — THIS is huge big big information to KNOW (not guess). THIS is why I LOVE TO RUN. I LOVE TO RIDE MY BIKE FOR HOURS. Those things make me feel amazing. I also love lifting. First Story: before I had my DNA tested I decided to go all out and focus 90% of my training on POWER. I dropped the longer runs, stopped riding my bike, and threw heavy shit around all damn day. Guess what happened? I GOT HURT. I GOT DEPRESSED. I FELT BAD IN MY BODY. Second Story: My client just had her DNA tested and GUESS WHAT? She is the exact opposite of me. Thankfully I have been training her correctly for years BUT for so long she had jumped on the “MUST DO CARDIO” bandwagon and spent way too many years going against her best interest slogging away on the elliptical torture machine hating every second and wondering why she wasn’t seeing results. I don’t take pleasure in telling people I told them so BUT I am not going to lie, when her results came back I did a little I told you so dance discreetly and felt very validated for all the years I pushed her to lift and get off the cardio torture wagon.
Third Story: Go to 23 and Me first – Then sign up with DNA Fit and they will use your 23 and Me results to give you all the deets on what exercise and nutrition works specifically for you – Links below:


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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