Fitness Coaching


And how exactly am I going to help you?

Personalized Programs for:

  • Fat loss
  • Sport Specific
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Strength Endurance
  • Holistic Conditioning
  • Integrated Core Stabilization
  • Cardiovascular Improvement
  • Neuromuscular Conditioning
  • Post Rehab Corrective Exercise
  • Postural Compensation Correction

Integrated Fitness Assessment:

The fitness assessment is a method of systematic-problem-solving that will help provide me with a basis for making educated decisions about your fitness program and includes:

  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Cardiorespiratory Assessment
  • Static Postural Assessment
  • Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Performance Assessment

Where Do We Train?

One on one in my private studio located in West Oakland. In my studio it’s easy to stay focused because it’s just you and me, no distractions, no waiting for equipment, and, no other people watching you train *Call or email for Rates*