I Still Have My Doc Martens

Last week I turned 43 years old. Hard to believe, I totally know.

As some people who read my blog (does anyone really read my blog) might know, my life hasn’t always been filled with push-ups, kale, and sustainable organic meats. For the most part I have been responsible for myself since I was 17 years old, at which time I got my hands on a fake ID and hit the gay bars of San Francisco with some serious verve.

Simple Definition of verve: great energy and enthusiasm

Many good times were had, hearts were broken, dance moves were invented, hairdos were done, leather jackets were worn in, white teeshirts were tucked into jeans that were thickly belted pegged and tucked into Doc Martens . I was living in the super gay moment of the 1990’s. At 21 years old I was sitting in the cocktail lounge at the Lyon’s in Mountain View smoking a Marlboro Light having my first legal alcoholic beverage. Glancing around that room I had a realization. I did not want to look like those people when I was 40 years old (so freaking old) they all looked yellow and haggard and sick.

Here I am 22 years later and I have made some changes. Getting older is interesting. What I have come to understand is that I am still pretty hard on my body but in a different way. Now instead of staying out all night drinking too much I exercise too much and spend too much time thinking about the things I should do. The primary result is too much; I have a too much problem.

A couple weeks ago I was running and had a very intense pain in my right arm, like drop to your knees and roll around on the ground cursing Jesus kind of pain (of course I finished the run, what kind of question is that). Over a two week period the pain got worse and the tip of my right thumb went numb (yes of course I continued to run and workout, duh). As the pain got worse day after day the numbness crept up my arm all the way to my right ear. Finally I went and got an x-ray. Prognosis: Degenerative Disc Disease at C4-C6. It seems a nerve is being pinched at C6 causing pain and numbness.

My mind might be limitless, my body is not. We should impose limits on ourselves that force balance, otherwise, your body will do it for you. I have been told no lifting or running for at least 4 weeks. To the normal human that seems like cake but to someone like me it has the potential of being a form of torture. Someone asked me a while ago what my hobbies were that didn’t involve exercise, I couldn’t come up with one.

As my wife would say Meows The Time (she owns a cat shop and is chock-a-block with Purrrrfect cat puns). So yep it’s time to find that balance. My goal for the next 4 weeks is to do my PT protocol every day, walk more, breathe, and learn the valuable lesson this situation is teaching me and, obviously, I need to find some new hobbies. Is getting massage a hobby?



I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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  1. ~Marilyn

    I think getting a massage is a great hobby! I’m on a budget and I just added a monthly line item for a 90-minute massage. Hope you heal well and soon!

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