January 2014 Free Your Mind

It’s that time again! Yep a whole new year is upon us and I’ve been asked for a January challenge by a few people…

Negative thoughts have a way of ruining people and the scary thing is most of us don’t even realize it. You could be having a fantastic workout and in walks the person who, in your mind, has everything you don’t and automatically the negative thoughts start rolling and your workout takes a dump all over the gym floor. Most of us feel like we’ve been blindsided and stand there in our own toxic excrement wondering “What the f*ck just happened?!”. These thoughts are obviously not limited to your fitness and are different for each individual, the point is negative thoughts suck the life and potential out of you and the less you feed the cycle the more awesome you will be. With that said, here is your challenge:

Every time you have a negative thought about yourself you will do 5 Push-ups AND you will recite a positive mantra of your choice (I am amazing. I rock. I am worthy. My ass is fantastic. I am loved. Etc.). Track how many push-ups you’re doing each day. By the end of the month the idea is to be doing way less push-ups every day. In this case less push-ups = better.

Lets say you’re in a meeting and happen to eat a cookie and think “You fat pig why did you eat that cookie?” I do not expect you to jump out of your seat and pump out 5 push-ups (if you can, do it) you should make a note in your phone or whatever device you would like and do the push-ups later. I will accept this. I will think you suck but…I’M KIDDING, YOU’RE AWESOME! **That was a test. If you agreed that you suck drop and do 10 push-ups for being dumb enough to fall for that…Again, KIDDING. YOU’RE SO SMART!** I do expect that you do your push-ups immediately following a negative thought if you’re in the middle of a workout, run, etc. Stop, drop, and give me 5.

For reals, I hear people talk crap about themselves all the time and it makes me very sad. So stop or I’m going to get irritated and call you names.
Note: I kept the number of reps low because the average person has 50,000-60,000 thoughts per day and 70-80% of them are negative which means some of you will be doing (on the low end) 175,000 push-ups. Um, that’s a lot of push-ups. Good luck!


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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