Lets Talk About Your Liver

Yes it has been a while since my last post but that’s just because I like to save up for the really good stuff! Your Liver is a perfect topic. Why you might ask? Because the Liver is an incredibly important organ and most of ours (mine included) are beat up from chemical toxins, environmental toxins, food toxins and stress in general.

What does the Liver do? Well just to name a few things:
*Metabolizes Protein, fat and carbohydrate to provide energy and nutrients
*Stores vitamins, minerals and glucose
*Filters the blood by helping remove harmful chemicals and bacteria
*Makes bile — bile breaks down the fats you eat
*Helps uptake and storage of fat-soluble vitamins: A, E, D and K
*Stores extra blood that can be used in times of extra need or stress
*Makes serium proteins which maintain fluid balance of the blood and act as carriers
*Helps maintain electrolyte and water balance of the body’s fluids
*Makes immune substances such as gamma gobulin
*Breaks down and eliminates excess hormones such as estrogen

Um, yeah folks, that’s a lot of really important stuff. Here’s what can go wrong if the Liver isn’t functioning efficiently:

*Digestive problems (burping a lot, bloating, gas, stomach pain)
*Food allergies and sensitivities (can you say gluten and dairy)
*Chemical sensitivities (reactions to cleaning agents, soaps, cosmetics, etc.)
*Rashes and skin problems
*Eye problems (blurred vision, eye pain, eye flutters, twitches)
*Difficult sleeping
*Irritability, frequent anger, depression
*Tendon or muscle problems (frequent sprains/strains, muscle injuries, delayed healing)
*Swelling of the breasts (yes this is a bad thing)
*Menstrual problems (too much/too little blood flow, clotting, cramps)
*Testicular problems (ahem, not sure exactly but this doesn’t sound good)
*Headaches (especially pain at the vertex of the head and throbbing)

So now that you know what the Liver actually does and what can happen if it’s not functioning properly, here’s what I suggest doing:

*Clean up your diet — Cut out all fried foods, hydrogenated oils, processed foods, fast foods, etc. Eat whole clean real food not from packages
*Clean up your boozing ways — Alcohol is incredibly toxic to the Liver (so is marijuana, cocain, painkillers, etc.)
*Start a realistic exercise program you can stick with AND BE CONSISTENT
*Find a good Liver/Gallbladder Flush — I like the Mini-Liver/Gallbladder Flush from Premier Research Labs (google em) I myself will be starting a round of this flush next weekend because I believe in tuning up my organs just as I do with Madge my Mini — If you take your car in for an oil change every 3k why not your liver too?


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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