Lift Heavy Things Now

Now that I have been 40 for almost a year I feel like I have the right to say a few things to the number 40. Specifically, suck it, 40. When I was 30 I could literally no joke run a half marathon without training at all and be just fine. Now that I’m 40 it would take an act of God, or any other mythical creature of your choosing, to get me to run a half marathon. Things they are a’changing. Don’t get me wrong, these changes aren’t all bad but lets just be clear, things do change.
Here’s a list of a few changes that start to happen at 40:
Both Males & Females

1)Two most notable changes: decline in hearing & seeing
2)Decrease in height
3)Hair is graying
4)Increasing wrinkles
5)Middle-age spread due to metabolism slow down
6)Bone mass deterioration
7)Slow steady decline in strength

What’s the one thing you can do to stop 4 of these things from happening? LIFT HEAVY THINGS. That is all. Seriously. Decrease in height, Middle-age spread, Bone mass deterioration, and Slow steady decline in strength can all be slowed way down or stopped completely if you just lift weights. You have to do weight-baring exercises and cardiovascular exercises that have a ground-force reaction component like jogging, hiking, climbing stairs. And please don’t skimp on sleep and rest, you need it and must have it to recover, lest you would like to be injured. And while we are talking about injury, please find someone who knows what they’re doing to help you if you’ve never lifted heavy things before. Do yourself a solid on this one, it will pay off in the end. Gray hair and wrinkles be damned!


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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