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My Mission

Since I became a personal trainer in 2007 my focus has evolved in many ways. I was very pumped up about fitness and nutrition and I had a narrow and limited *insert the word RIGID here* view on how people could be in better shape and how they should eat for optimal health. Some of my early clients who are still with me today will attest to this, oh man, I’m sure they have some things to say! At one point I sent a client a ranting email about how she needed to stop using her microwave because it was killing her food and in essence killing her and her ENTIRE family. I have relaxed since those early days, thankfully.

Here’s the thing that I have come to understand intimately, fitness is a moving target and every single person has their own idea of what it is to be fit or what they aspire to regarding their fitness. For instance, in 2007 I worked out five days per week, each workout started and ended with a two mile run. At the time that was my idea of fit for myself. I have clients who feel fit seeing me twice a week and getting a couple walks in here and there. I have clients who come in once a week and do nothing the rest of the week and they feel better than they ever have. It’s 2015 and I have changed my own programming drastically. I usually lift two days per week, run two days per week, and ride my bike with my gang *shout out to the LBG* one day per week, at 42 years old this feels really good to me. It has taken a while to let go of the “I used to be able to…” and embrace what I am capable of today.

My mission always has been to help people reach their goals and get results by feeling better through fitness in general. I know that is kind of a vague mission and in this industry it’s rare because the demand for results has been set to specifics like dropping body fat or getting ripped abs but honestly all I want is to provide my clients with a safe space they can move and explore their limits without injury. When a client first walks in my door terrified of exercise, literally, and turns the corner to looking forward to coming in I feel like I have done my job and that is all I care about.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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