My Two Bits on The Fitbit

Many people have been asking what I think of the Fitbit. Aside from that horrible rash it was giving people a while back (pretty sure they fixed that problem) I think the Fitbit can be good for some, bad for some, just like almost everything else in existence. When someone asks me if I think it would be a good idea to get a Fitbit I ask what are they hoping it will do for them.  Here is what the Fitbit will not do for you:

  1. Get you out of your warm snuggly bed for that early  morning run.
  2. Cook you a nutritious balanced healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner.
  3. Drive you to the gym during your lunch break.
  4. Keep you from taking that third helping when you’re already stuffed.
  5. Force you to go to bed instead of watching the ninth episode in a row of Game of Thrones so you can get up for your scheduled early morning run *see number 1*

You get the idea – No matter what kind of gadget you get it comes back around to you in the end kicking your own ass. So don’t fool yourself into thinking the Fitbit is a magical unicorn fountain of health and wellness. It is not, it’s a piece of plastic that will likely end up in your stuff drawer, you know what I’m talking about.

Some good things the Fitbit will do depending on which model you get of course:

  1. Track steps, distance, active minutes – Also, calories burned but don’t trust it.
  2. Monitors sleep and can set a silent alarm.
  3. GPS Tracking for distance, pace, split times, etc.
  4. Monitor Heart Rate – This feature, from what I’ve seen could use some improvement.

I think the Apple Watch is a better choice than the Fitbit Surge and only about $100 more. As my mother would say, “Save up your pennies” and get the Apple Watch.



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