NASM Master Trainer

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Master Trainer. I have been working toward this goal for seven years. Currently there are only FORTY NASM Master Trainers in the entire world of which only FIVE are women and I AM ONE OF THEM!
People have asked me what I had to go through to become a master trainer, and what exactly does it mean?
First I had to get certified as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. This was an on-line course but what I liked about NASM was that the final exam was at a regulated testing facility, no on-line open book test. I like this because you really have to know your stuff to pass, and, in fact, many people fail the test a couple times before they pass (I passed the first time, just saying).
Second, you have to have been an active trainer with clients for a minimum of five years.
Third, you have to pass three specialization certifications with NASM, there are many to choose from, I chose Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Women’s Fitness Specialist.
Fourth, you have to sign up for the Master Trainer program and pass multilevel exams and assessments in order to get invited to the Master Trainer Summit.
Fifth, you have to pass an extensive in person full day of testing and assessments at a Master Trainer Summit (this is not for weak stomach individuals).
What it means to me to be a Master Trainer is very personal. I grew up in a religion that did not emphasize education at all and my entire childhood I always felt less than capable when it came to learning. I was told that grades didn’t matter and though I believed that to be true I always felt badly about constantly receiving poor grades. I believed that I was not smart and that I could not learn or master anything. The process of becoming a NASM Master Trainer has quashed those ill conceived beliefs and has helped me realize just how smart I am (pretty damn smart). Professionally, being a NASM Master Trainer just means I get to charge you more money…HA! No but really, I take great pride in my work, I take great care in your safety, and being a Master Trainer means I have done the work to educate myself to the fullest in order to do so with confidence.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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