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Open Letter To Every Client

Dear Client,

I watch you struggle and sail year after year, ebb flow, up down, life is just this. Change is never easy but it’s worth it, you’ve heard me say this many times. I  know it’s not easy to say no thanks to the bread basket when you’re starving, drink less wine, drink more water, eat less sugar, eat more greens, stress less, breathe more, wake up earlier to get that run in, snooze less, move more, TV less, forgive yourself more, judge yourself less, EMBRACE what is, LET GO OF what was or never will be. Your expectations have to be in line with your behavior – I am a broken record. If you want to change your overall health and/or body composition you absolutely must change your habits in order to do so, over and over I tell you this. Carry snacks so you don’t hit the starving point. Be happy with a glass of wine instead of being bummed that you can’t drink a bottle. Invest in a cool water bottle and keep it with you at all times. Commit to eating a couple pieces of fruit per day and limit foods with sugar because lets face it you will feel better. Make sure there is something plant-based and green with every meal. Stop and question why you are stressing about something and ask if it’s worth the damage you are doing to yourself. Every twenty minutes take ten deep belly breaths exhaling bullshit baggage. Get out of bed and get that run in because if you don’t you will spend all day regretting it. Don’t even give yourself a snooze option, just get your ass out of bed. Set aside time to move with intention every day, your body was made to move, it wasn’t made for Netflix marathons (unless you’re sick). TURN OFF THE TV and HAVE SEX (yep, I said it). When you fail to do the aforementioned things don’t beat yourself up, let it go and move on (nothing to see here, move along). You are not a loser you are human, we all struggle, it’s ok. If you are 40 don’t compare yourself to you at 20, that’s just lame and unreasonable. Most of all for the love of my sanity stop making excuses. If you know that tomatoes cause you debilitating foot pain but you chose to have pasta with tomato sauce and couldn’t run all week because your feet were killing you, that’s on you buddy. We humans are AMAZING and more than capable of just about anything so stop acting like the victim of imposed demands that you have no control over. Maybe that pasta was worth a week of not being able to run, that’s fine, just don’t feel sorry for yourself about it, put on your big girl/boy pants and own it. So you can’t eat tomatoes, BFD, eat something else. Move on. Life is short and at the same time torturously long when you spend most of it uncomfortable and unhappy in your skin so take some time to sit quietly and assess yourself honestly and decide what you really want and let go of the stories that keep you where you don’t want to be.

All said with love,

Amanda Kate Hill


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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