Pumpkin Spiced Squats

It’s that time of year again when just about everything is being pumpkinized. Ah, tis the season. The holidays are a very stressful time of year for most people pretty much on all fronts. Remember, the holidays happen every.single.year. You might as well find a few things that work for you. So I would like to give you five easy tips to help get you through:

1. Move – Do some form of exercise or dedicated movement every day
2. Breathe – Carve out some time to be with your feelings and breathe through them with meditation or add this to #1 and get a twofor
3. Eat All of The Things – Yes that’s what I said. Don’t villainize foods, this just gives them super power and will turn you into “that” person at the party staring at everyone eating all of the things you won’t let yourself eat *creepy*
4. Stop at 80% Full – You should listen to your body and don’t overfeed it. You can eat anything just not too much
5. Sleep – You can’t do any of the above without good restful sleep so don’t slack off here 7-9 hours should do it

6. Do Your Best – Even if you don’t do any of 1-5 chances are you’ll still be alive. Just remember there’s always next year!

Here’s to a peaceful holiday season!


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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