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Amanda is the third personal trainer I’ve had and she is far and away the best. Let’s get one thing out of the way: I don’t love to exercise, for most of my life if I had a choice between going to the gym and sitting around on the couch, I would have chosen said couch everytime. But time wears on and staying in shape started to become a priority when I realized i couldn’t eat ice cream with impunity anymore. That said, I did not show much dedication when I started with my first trainer and I carried that same attitude with me to my second trainer. All that changed when I started with Amanda. Instead of showing up late, I do my best to be there on time. Rather than doing the least amount possible, I put all my effort into completing the workout. I feel great at the end of every session and I look forward to them every week. If you knew me, you would know how crazy all that sounds! I can only attribute the change to Amanda. She is somehow able to inspire without yelling and to provide support and encouragement without being condescending. I don’t know how she does it but I am SO glad that I found her! If you want great results, without feeling like you are working with a drill sargent, Amanda is the trainer for you.

I would highly recommend Amanda to anybody with a desire to improve their fitness level. She exudes quiet confidence and her knowledge is immediately recognizable. There is no arrogance or berating involved in meeting your goals. Amanda strikes the perfect balance between pushing and patience to get results. I thought I was fit but now I really do feel fit after time with Amanda. She will listen to your concerns and help you improve your overall health. Just go see her.

Three years ago I had major heart surgery. I went from going to the gym to a forced sedentary lifestyle for almost a year. I was absolutely terrified about trying to get back in shape. Amanda has been instrumental in helping me get over that fear. I’ve gone from barely being able to lift 10 pounds over my head to pumping out pushups and burpees. While I’ll never compete in a triathlon or benchpress hundreds of pounds, thanks to Amanda I am now in shape, proud of my body, and back to pre-surgery levels of energy. I am immensely grateful to her.

You know at times when you need a friend or partner to motivate you to go to the gym? Well with Amanda you don’t because the workout time with her motivates you to always want to go because not only is the conversation educational and inspiring you know that the hour was well spent exercising your butt off without feeling like you wasted your gym time talking! It’s a great balance between fun and being serious about your workout.

If you are lucky enough to get Amanda as your trainer, you will feel muscles you didn’t know you had and bask in the results! Since hiring Amanda i have lost over 30 lbs and I am in the best shape of my life. Amanda is a truly amazing trainer, the best! I have worked with other trainers and while they might give you a great workout at first, over time the results fade and their determination to keep challenging you diminishes. Not with Amanda! She is always looking for ways to keep challenging you, motivating you, and keep the work outs interesting! I have to admit that sometimes when I am going to her, I feel tired and not very excited to work out but she always manages to lift my mood and boost my energy and I feel great when I leave. Amanda cares so much for her clients and is always available for impromptu advice if you are sore, need a workout when you are travelling or just an encouraging word. If you are dedicated to getting optimum health and fitness, I don’t think you can find someone better as your trainer.

It is no surprise that Amanda received recognition as the ‘Best Trainer’ in the East Bay, because she is. Amanda is extremely professional while having an incredibly positive disposition. She is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with and is extremely dedicated to seeking out the most cutting edge knowledge in her field. She is passionate about what she does, and it shows. At 41 years old, I am the most fit I’ve ever been and I attribute that to her. It has been an honor to work with Amanda on many levels.

Even if I managed to get myself to the gym on my own time (which I never seem able to do) I would never in a million years drive myself the way that Amanda does. It turns out that my body can do things that I never ever imagined would be possible for me. I love being strong!

I finally figured out after trying all sorts of exercise regimes (the emphasis being on regime, because I hate to exercise), that I need a personal trainer to succeed. I’ve been training with Amanda for almost a year and although I still hate exercise I consistently show up to train. Amanda is a subtle motivator who doesn’t shame or guilt trip. She is realistic about the goals she helps me to set and positive I will achieve them. Each session is tailored to my individual needs and is never the same. I choose the music and we are off and running! I’m looking forward to another year training with Amanda.

We started training with Amanda out of vanity (to get ready for our wedding), but now, more than a year later, we are still training because she is just that good. She is smart, funny, and relentless in her training style, which is just the right mix to keep us going and push ourselves to achieve new goals. Also, we’re too scared of her to cancel!


At 36, I never thought that the day would come when I enjoyed working out. I used to dread the thought of it until I started working with Amanda. Her skillful ability to tweak movements to ease pain and her encouraging approach helped me slowly realize that I could keep coming back. I’ve even learned to like working out! I feel supremely supported by Amanda, and stronger and more flexible than I’ve felt in years. I also appreciate the healthy living tips she peppers into our conversations. Whether it’s about proper foot wear, amino acids or the latest research on disease prevention, I always feel like I’m learning so much more than exercise while in her studio. Amanda brings her extensive knowledge of nutrition and physiology to the workout conversation and helps me understand my body better while I am busy sweating. She is such a great trainer and I feel lucky to have her on my team.

I had babies at the ripe old ages of 39 and 41. For several years afterward I thought my body was broken and would never be the same again. I was overweight, and everything hurt. I felt like having my boys had turned me in to an old woman overnight. When my youngest child was three years old, it hit me that my health would continue to go downhill for the rest of my life if I didn’t do something about it. I found Amanda and started working out with her two days a week. A year later, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in in my life! My friends and family compliment me daily on how great I look, and several people have told me recently that they don’t believe that I only work out 2 hours a week. Amanda is brilliant!

Amanda is quite simply the best trainer, bar none. Her knowledge and skill are broad and deep, spanning nutrition, body mechanics and structure, cardiovascular and strength training, balance and flexibility. She continually reviews and revises my program to address my needs and goals. She is the most conscientious trainer I’ve ever encountered, keenly focused on form and execution. A correction of a half an inch can make a huge difference in targeting the right muscle. She attends seminars and takes classes to keep abreast of new research and techniques and incorporates them into her training as she sees fit. My body is so much better for her training, both inside and out.

I have worked with Amanda for over a year and recommend her highly.  She crafts and continuously updates a training regimen geared closely to my health, conditioning and goals.  She also gives useful advice on a training program to do at home, and on diet and nutrition.  In my case, she has been careful to address but not aggrevate pre-existing injuries, and she ensures that I confirm with my doctors that her on-going training is consistent with their advice.  Amanda’s evident concern for my health and well being sets her apart, and I can recommend her without reservation.

When I started seeing Amanda, I had some issues with my left knee, causing my patella to pull to the outside.  My left calf was a half inch smaller than the right, because I was apparently favoring my right side.  In the beginning she had me try lunges and my knee just wouldn’t take the strain.  So we tried different strength exercises.  She’s great at knowing your limits and pushing them, but not pushing you too far.   Not only am I now able to do lunges without pain, but my left and right calf are the same size!  I had some rather specific goals when I started going to Amanda.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Amanda has been amazing.  She was tough with me, pushing me beyond what I thought I could do, without being a stoic drill sergeant.  She’s fun and encouraging, and master of varying her exercises so that you don’t get bored.  I always asked her if she just sits around at night thinking up new ways to exercise.  I feel like I have the strength and tools to achieve my long term fitness goals thanks to her patient encouragement and expertise.

I began working out with Amanda as I was trying to move my workout program to the mornings and needed guidance and motivation.  Amanda provided both of these to me.  She was always timely, prepared, and fully focused on me – which is a big difference from other trainers.  After my assessment, Amanda walked me through the areas of improvement, and it was clear that her workouts were geared to optimize my time to get the best results.  Amanda consulted on my fitness outside of the training, and I found her guidance very helpful.  She is a good motivator, and I saw results in my workouts very quickly.  Amanda is clearly a true professional and student of her craft.

Amanda Kate Hill’s work ethic is top notch. I am so happy about my results and I love it when people ask (especially the fellas), ” Do you workout? ” It is one thing to see your results and something completely different when others notice your results. Amanda is a great trainer, teacher and role model. What I’ve learned about Amanda is that she studies her clients and creates an incredible workout that fits their specific need. She is very intuitive, which I truly appreciate because she takes the time to learn you. She knows when you can push yourself a little harder and she also knows when you’re getting ready to check out. Amanda is not the kind of trainer who gets in your face and verbally abuses you but she will give you the look. You know the look your mother gives, when she’s not going to entertain your foolishness. Yes, that look. We’re human and it will make you talk a little smack in your head. This is what you signed up for and No pain, no gain. Amanda is dedicated to her clients and she doesn’t half step, which means you will not half step. For me, I have experienced more than a physical transformation. I have been changed in every aspect of my life. I enjoy taking care of myself and feeding my temple good things. I feel beautiful. I didn’t come to Amanda with a weight problem. I’m 5’1″ and I’ve weighed 107 lbs for years. My desire was to look better, become stronger, have muscle tone, definition and Beyonce’s abs. We’re still working on the Beyonce abs but I’ve gotten it all and much more. I don’t know if Amanda is aware of the impact she has made in my life. Her influences on me has trickled down to my family and friends. They’re all curious and making efforts to eat better. Some are kicking bad habits and joining me on morning runs. Amanda is an awesome personal trainer and person. She is truly worth your time. Thanks Amanda!

Amanda is awesome, since I started training with her a year ago I have have lost almost 50 pounds. She is not a “rah rah you can do it” type of trainer but more of a coach that points you in the right direction and then helps you work your butt off.

As an amateur cyclist I was riding a lot  – training for a couple of centuries a year – but not doing much else.  I thought I was pretty fit for a guy over 55, but found I had reached a plateau with regard to both speed and endurance.  I was never a “gym rat” and hated the whole fitness club scene, but I took the plunge and started to work with Amanda twice a week.  It was a totally great experience, working one on one in her new space.  Being a former bike racer, she immediately knew that I needed to strengthen my core if I wanted to get better.  She designed several different workout routines and mixed them up – it was never boring and always challenging!  She also improved my nutritional habits, got me through a back injury, and was always available to answer questions or give support.  The results?  Better balance on the bike that improved my descending, increased climbing ability, better overall endurance, and, most importantly, an understanding of what it takes OFF the bike to achieve my goals.

I started working with Amanda after back surgery to remove a tumor on a vertebrae which had left me unable to exercise for close to 2 years. Now, let’s be honest here, I was never one to go the gym and “work out”. The only exercise I ever had was walking around the lake and playing golf. Not much..I was completely out of shape by the time I found my way to Amanda’s gym.. Her gentle (but firm!) approach to my case made me a quick convert. She took the time to understand my challenges and tailor exercises to safely bring me back to health. Thanks to her constant support I was quickly able to get back to the links and steadily improve my game while getting my physical strength back. I still would not join a “club” but I love my one on one sessions with Amanda. She is a true gem.

Amanda is “as good as it gets” – No- she is actually better! I have some “rockin’ abs” in just 3 weeks of 2 x per week custom designed workouts. I’m in better shape at 50 that my staff in their 30’s-seriously.

A life long fitness buff I was stuck in a routine, didn’t know what or how to shake it up to get to the next level. Unlike other trainers, Amanda actually listened to my concerns, the changes I wanted to make in the time I had to devote to the program. Her custom tailored program fits my schedule, and cut my gym hours in half- but the best part is the overall results!