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The World Is Not Ending But Your Arm Might Fall Off

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When I was a little kid I was sick all the time. I had debilitating headaches, chronic sinus infections, and lots of random body pain. At the age of ten I was diagnosed with Colitis. I remember my mom telling the doctor that she just didn’t understand how this could be. The doctor said he had never heard of anyone this young with colitis and that it must be caused by stress. My mom replied that she did not know what I could possibly be stressed about.

My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses – I left the religion when I was 16 or 17. One of the things the JW’s tell kids is that the world will end any moment and if you are not perfect in your thoughts and love for Jehovah you will die and the rest of your family will live forever without you. Also, Jehovah is listening to every single thought you have, no pressure. When I was five I told my mom I wanted to have a birthday party, her reply was “Would you rather have birthday cake or everlasting life?” I wanted to say cake so bad but I knew the proper response was everlasting life, at least that’s what Jehovah wanted me to say.

Sometimes I’m fooled into thinking that whatever I am being challenged with regarding my body has more to do with what I eat and how I exercise. When I come up against trapped emotions in the form of illness or body pain I am forced to pay attention. Like the situation with my right arm, it’s probably not about the food I eat or the exercise I am doing, it’s about the emotions I need to deal with. Nutrition and exercise are secondary to emotions when it comes to our wellness. Maybe I am not eating enough or I am exercising too much but the emotions are the driving force, not the food or exercise. See?

If you are seemingly “doing everything right” with your fitness and nutrition but you aren’t seeing the changes you want to see or you are feeling unwell despite your best efforts, check in emotionally and see where your blind spots are, if there are things you are avoiding you might want to reconsider and deal with them as best you can. Ask for help, reach out and lean on your support network, sooner rather than later. You wouldn’t want your arm to fall off, right?

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