Today I sucked…IT UP!

Today I was feeling tired and kinda sorry for myself. I’m not sure why really, some days are just that way, right? I know I’m not the only healthy happy human on the planet who occasionally feels sorry for herself (nope, not about to start my period but thanks for asking). I took my little nugget Stella the dog for a walk and honestly didn’t know if I was going to make the mile or so to get back to my studio, that’s how tired I felt. So I was sitting at my desk thinking about the workout I had scheduled for myself and looking for any reason to skip it when on clicked my autopilot and I went to work. Just get the run done just get the run done just get the run done was my mantra interspersed with this sucks this sucks this sucks. After completing my run I jumped into my workout *literally with box jumps* and everything just slid away, no more tired, no more feeling sorry for myself, no more sad face. I felt energized and full of verve. I am ready for the rest of my day. So kids what is the lesson here? Here’s the deal, if when I started my run I felt even more tired I would have stopped and done something relaxing like scream at myself in the mirror saying things like you loser, you suck, what a quitter! I AM KIDDING. I would have stopped my workout and spent time napping or stretching. But that’s not what happend, I knew the moment I started my run that my body would benefit from a workout so I kept going. The studies have been done with regard to depression and exercise, in fact, in the UK the first line of defense against depression is not prozac, it’s exercise. Try this next time, if you need a little push txt me and I will get into Sarge mode and kick your butt, as best as I can via txt message probably utilizing ALL CAPS, to help you get going. KEEP MOVING, PEOPLE.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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