Whatever Gets Your WOD On

I’ve been seeing lots of shit talking out there in the Fitness world lately regarding CrossFit (from those who are for and those who are against CrossFit) and I wanted to throw my two-cents into the ring based on my personal experience with CrossFit. What I have to say comes from my experience alone, I am not bringing in strength and conditioning jargon or sciencie facts, etc (wtf, science?). I’ve run numerous half marathons, run a full marathon, raced bikes for two seasons, was a member of a rough-n-tumble unicycle gang (no joke), spent some serious time rock climbing, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, sat on a spinbike for 24 hours to raise money for the women’s shelter in Berkeley, I’ve been lifting for ten years minimum…long story short, I’m no stranger to pain and hard work. This is probably why I was drawn to CrossFit in the first place. And here’s how it went… I worked with a private CrossFit coach for 6 weeks to get a feel for it, unfortunately, I was injured pretty quickly. Not blaming anyone but it’s a fact, I got hurt and it didn’t take long. So I took some time to rebuild myself and about 6 months later I went in again, but this time I went for the Whole-Enchilada-CrossFit experience. I went to CrossFit Oakland and dove in headfirst. I will say this, the difference between my first experience with CrossFit and my experience at CrossFit Oakland were miles apart. Mike Minium, the owner of CrossFit Oakland, knows his shit. *Note to those interested in CF, pick and affiliate with credentials beyond just CF. The down side to CF blowing up is that you can get Level 1 Certified in a weekend and open a gym and that should be a red flag* Here’s the bad part (for me) I ended up getting injured again, this time though it was all on me and it had nothing to do with the fact that I was in a CrossFit box *gym*. I knew when I stepped up to the bar for a 5RM Deadlift that the weight was too heavy for me on that specific day, but I went for it anyway (stoopid). I know why it happened, I know how I could have avoided it, but that’s the thing – I should know, I am in the business. What about the general population stepping to CrossFit? Yes there’s a chance they will get injured but anyone in the business knows there’s a chance of injury with any fitness program, the variables are not always under our control; meaning, we have no idea how an individual body is going to react to specific demands placed on it *an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 ACL injuries occur annually in the general population 70% of which are non-contact (office employee gets up to make a copy and POP there goes the ACL)* Takeaway Message: If you want to try CrossFit fekkin’ try it! You may love it, you may hate it but at least you will be the one to decide, not some talking head fitness “expert”. Nothing bugs me more than people who make decisions for the entire human race. I hate hearing CrossFit people taking shit about another style of training because it’s not as “badass” as CrossFit and I equally hate hearing from strength and conditioning coaches that CrossFit is a sign of the end of times *we are all dying you can’t blame CrossFit for everything, sorry* I don’t care what gets you moving just try something! And if you like it and you feel stronger and better in your body then stick with it. It’s not all that complicated. Take it from me, I’m an “expert” wink wink. P.S. BTW, I’m not done with CrossFit but I finesse it to work for me. In fact, I am Level 1 Certified and most of my clients are exposed to CrossFit on one level or another but it’s not the end-all by any stretch, just another tool in my ever expanding chest of treasures. Till next time…KEEP MOVING.


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