You Gotta Eat, A Lot

Oh man, I am drinking my post-workout shake and this thing is crazy thick. Number one, I’m not hungry, in fact, I feel kinda puky right now…the trash can is within reach just in case. Number two, I’m not sold on the idea of raw oats in a shake, check in with me later. Here’s the point of today’s post — If you want to get bigger (put muscle on) you need to eat like you mean it. But the problem with a person like me getting bigger is that I am naturally small. Another problem is that I’ve been socially programmed to avoid gaining weight at all costs (even if it means starving myself) and without paying close attention it is easy to start cutting out calories thus defeating my goal to get bigger. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to look like the hulk, I just want to put back the muscle I lost in the last couple of months and a little extra. Without extra muscle I won’t be able to reach my lifting goals. If you are a “hardgainer” a good book to check out is Scrawny TO Brawny by Michael Mejia & Dr. John Berardi. The only downer is that the book is geared for men but the info is good and with a few tweaks it works for women too. Wish me luck and don’t be surprised if every time you see me I’ve got food in my mouth! XO, AKH


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