You Say Fat, I Say Yeah AND?

In this society we are trained to recoil in disgust when we see a fat person because they must be lazy and lack any self control, right? Because we fear that we are one cupcake away from being that fat person. Because we spend so much brain energy, time and effort losing that last ten pounds.
As a fitness and nutrition coach the only thing I care about is that my clients feel better in their body’s. I don’t care what the CDC says your “ideal” weight is, I don’t care what your BMI is. All of those numbers are complete bullshit. My number one question is “How do you feel in your body?” If your answer is “Well, kinda crappy” then my goal is to help you change that and weight loss may not even be on the program.
I have fat clients who are incredibly fit and healthy, they can do things that my “normal” weight clients can’t do and their numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting glucose, triglycerides) are all within a healthy range. It is unfortunate, heartbreaking, and infuriating to me that these people have been shamed into believing that they are the unhealthy ones with the problem.
If you are healthy and happy in your body and doing all of the things you want to do please know that there are coaches out there who will not try and push you into losing weight just so they can have a before and after picture of you on their website. If I get a client who wants to lose weight because they feel it will benefit their health and help them in their lives then by all means I support that but I will never tell a healthy happy fat client they need to lose weight because it will make society more comfortable. We come in all shapes and sizes and I’m not here to stuff you in a box, I’m here to help you fly.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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