Your Perfect

It is very tempting as a fitness professional to give answers and guarantees to clients when they want them. For instance, “When will I see results?” is a common question. The honest answer is “I don’t know” because, in fact, I don’t know.
Typically I get clients for 2-3 hours per week and as much as I would like to believe that I have a handle on what they do with the 166 or so hours that I’m not with them, most of the time, I have no idea.
When we are discussing results there are many variables to consider that go beyond the latest diet gimmick or trendy workout program. Sometimes there are things going on at a cellular level that none of us (not even your GP) are aware of. Your hormones might be completely whacked out even though your Endocrinologist told you that everything looks fine. You might have a food allergy or sensitivity that is encouraging weight gain. You might be a closet eater too ashamed to admit it to anyone, most of all yourself. You might have a completely unrealistic idea of the results that you think you should have reached by now, and, two weeks into your new food and fitness program you decide it’s not working and give up. How about you don’t give up and accept that being healthy and fit is hard work but it’s worth it. Recalibrate your thought process and instead of “looking” for results decide to “feel” your results. Lets get away from the unattainable photoshopped version of health and fitness and move toward reality. Let’s say I look in a Fitness Mag and see some woman with amazing legs and I want them, and, it must be my lucky day because there’s a workout in there telling me “exactly” how to get her legs! Fantastic Jackpot! Just a few things they don’t tell you though, her legs are about a foot longer than yours and she has been playing soccer since she was in the womb and she’s a fitness model so working out is her job pretty much oh and they’ve photoshopped out all the little blemishes and that one dimple and the scar from when she was five and got kicked in the shin and while they were at it they juiced up her quads just a little bit and took a little bit off her calves because her calves are a little too big for a woman and gave her a nice perfect tan…It’s a slippery slope yet so many of us base the results we want to see on these very images and when we don’t get them we hang up our gym shoes and reach for the ice cream until a month or so goes by and we read another article about some “regular soccer mom” and her perfect abs and butt and, thus, the cycle starts all over again. The media kind of perfect does not exist but Your Perfect does exist. We all have a natural body shape an optimum weight that probably isn’t even close to the CDC’s recommended weight chart (don’t get me started on the CDC). What I say is ditch the scale, forget the BMI and think back to when you felt your absolute best, what did that look like? Close your eyes and feel yourself in your body. Check back into your body, get really honest with yourself and commit to eating healthier and moving more and I promise you will be on your way to Your Perfect.


I am here to make you think, move, laugh, and learn.

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